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Surge Protection

Surge Plug   Surge Protection plug top

Mains surge protection unit.

The protector is used to protect any electronic device from surges. eg printers, fax machines, answering machines, modems, alarm panels and TV’s etc.

Lightning and surge protection plug top

The protector is used to protect any electronic device eg printers, fax machines, answering machines, modems, alarm panels and TV’s etc.

Surge and fax protection   Black Box surge protection

Telephone and mains surge protection unit

The protector is used to protect any electronic device connected to the telephone line including fax machines, answering machines, cordless telephones, modems and digital communications on alarm panels. (PHD101)

Black box conditioner / filter plug surge protection 

Mains Power surge Aerial, & DSTV Line transient Conditioner Black Box

The mains power, aerial & DSTV line transient conditioner combines powerful protection circuitry (suppression and filtration) for mains and TV / DSTV aerials (suppression only). Standard modules are fitted with a 16A plug / socket, two TV sockets (female) and two F type sockets for DSTV (female). Male to male patch leads are supplied for both the TV and DSTV aerials.

Electric Fence surge protection   Automatic voltage switch

Electric fence surge protection kit.

This protection kit provides and integrated approach to the protection of electric fences. It provides surge and filtered protection for the incoming mains supply with an individual protector for earth potential equalization. A high voltage unit is supplied for the energizer output terminals. The kit includes the econo power conditioner can (model no. PC/10/E).


Automatic voltage switch

Low voltage cut off
High voltage protection
Setable AC return delay
Power back surge protection


PABX surge protection   RF Surge Protection

Telephone conditioners / PABX Systems

A full range of surge and lightning protection to interface with Krone Disconnect Modules. Installation is easy and grounding is done via connection to the existing frame. The PHD-104 range of plug-in modules protect the equipment and at the same time remain transparent to data flow, allowing it to operate at maximum speed and bandwidth without signal degradation.  The PABX101 panel combines a power filters to protect the power supply, a 10 way disconnect protector which plugs into a 10 way Krone Disconnect Block to protect the telephone lines and a data network protector to protect the telephone management system.


RF Line surge protection Conditioners

The RFC coax unit is a transient suppression device designed to protect RF transceivers. It can be used for frequencies of up to 1GHz with negligible signal loss. The standard device is supplied fitted with “N” type female connectors. Other connector configurations are available on request. The unit is supplied in a compact housing with a removable gas discharge tube (GDT) for easy inspection/ replacement.

RS232 surge protection
  Telephone line surge protection

RS232 surge protection Line conditioners

The RS232 line conditioners are used to protect the RS232/V.24 protocol. These compact devices are fitted into a standard gender bender housing with a DB25 or DB9 connector configuration. (Male to equipment, female to line). Reversed genders are also offered as a standard as indicated in the part number listing below.


Telephone surge protection

The telephone line conditioner affords powerful lightning protection to equipment which is connected to telephone lines i.e. fax machines, answering machines, computer modems, handsets etc. This telephone device is simply installed by means of an RJ11 plug and socket. A heavy duty version is also available for areas with very severe lightning activity.  The unit is also supplied in a hard wire format for installation in an alternative position away from the telephone socket outlet.

Surge cord   surge can

Surge Cord protection unit

The surge cord power conditioner combines both surge/transient suppression and EMI/RFI filtration. The unit may be plugged into a standard socket and is connected to the equipment by means of standard IEC socket outlet/s. This compact and inexpensive plug-in unit has full suppression on all conductors and incorporates powerful filtration circuitry.


Power surge protection Conditioner can

The power conditioning can combines both surge / transient suppression and EMI / RFI filtration. This high performance device is designed for the protection of sensitive electronic / electrical equipment against transients transmitted via the mains lines. It is also widely used for the protection of gate motors. The unit is housed in a compact can for easy fitment into electrical / electronic enclosures. The unit may also be mounted on a Din Rail by means of a Din Rail mounting bracket. The POWER CONDITIONER CAN is available in an Econo version which has a noise attenuation of -45db or a High performance version with noise attenuation of -100db.

class2 surge protection

  Surge protection panel

Din Rail Mounted surge protection Class 2

40KA The Class 2 BY7 surge protection device is designed for AC 50/60Hz, 380V and other electrical systems such as TT, IT, TN-S, TN-C and TN-C-S. It is used for protection of electrical systems against surges and lightning. The 2 pole and 4 pole configurations include a 12kA Class 1 rated N-PE pole SPD.


Power surge protection Conditioner high current.

The single or three phase Power conditioner – high current units combine both surge / transient suppression and EMI / RFI filtration and come standard with circuit breakers. The unit is supplied in a wall mountable housing with a hinged lockable door. These modular units are fully serviceable and are available with either 40kA or 100kA suppression modules on the primary side. These units are ideal for protection of high cost hospital equipment i.e. CAT / MRI scanners, computer rooms etc.

Class1 Surge Protection   Access Conditioner

Din Rail Mounted lightning protection class 1

200KA Surge arrester for low-voltage power supply systems. Protection against surges at the boundaries and lightning zone 0B-1 and higher, can be used for single or three phase configuration.



Access surge Conditioner

The access conditioner is designed to protect data and control lines for automatic gate systems intecoms and alarm systems. The unit will handle data speeds in excess of 20 kbps with insertion losses of less than 0.1dB. For simple installation the unit is fitted with screw type terminal blocks and is available in a ten line configuration. Standard voltages available are 5 to 48Vdc. Other voltages are available on request.